The Basket List

Our Basket List provides many options you can choose from, but is not limited to what you see here.  At The Basket Case Co., our goal is to keep our customers happy.  If you have an idea for a custom basket, please let us know about it. We encourage new ideas and feedback. 


What a perfect way to give a Christmas present. When love is in the air, you want your Valentine's Day gifts to be wrapped with care. Chocolate Bunny Rabbits, Jelly Beans and more, to create the perfect Easter Basket.  A gourmet or gift basket for any holiday season.


Gift Baskets are perfect for every occasion or life event. Birthday, Anniversary, New Home, Bridal/Baby Shower, Thank you, Back to school, and so many other milestones. 


A gift basket for your admin/secretary to show how much they're appreciated, Real Estate Closing gift basket, a gourmet gift basket during the Holiday season or just a thank you for your banker, attorney, clients.

Special Discounts and Promotions

For every two custom gift baskets you purchase, per order, the third one is 10% off.


Happiness in a Basket!